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Unto the talented singers of Calontir, warm greetings
from Brice Le Raton 

Some of you may have seen the note in last months Mews
asking that those who would be interested in
participating in a concert at Kris Kinder contact me.
I have had enough people contact me to make it worth
pursuing with the autocrat, and I have been told by
the autocrat that we will have a space and time at
Kris Kinder on Saturday to perform. So, I am putting
the word out – Anyone who is interested in
participating in a concert of period choral music at
Kris Kinder,  please contact me ASAP. I will be
sending the music out via email /PDF files in early
October to all who contact me, and also hope to have a
website up soon with the PDF files and MIDI files for
people to practice with.  If you know of somebody who
does not have web/email access, please let me know
their snail mail address and if you can’t get them
copies of the music, I will. 
If you know somebody who is not on this list but might
be interested in singing, please forward them this

When you contact me, please let me know the following

Your Email address:
What Vocal part do you sing?
Do you have any previous singing experience (not a
requirement, just for my information):
Would you be interested in singing a short solo in one
of the pieces? (There are just a few, if you are
interested, I will be in touch)

I would encourage anyone interested in performing
period choral music to participate, whether or not you
have ever done ‘period’ music before.  All that is
required is a willingness to learn and a voice to sing

I am especially interested in hearing from the other
active choral ensembles around Calontir.  (I know you
are out there!)  I am still in the process of building
the concert program- so if your ensemble would like
the chance to perform 1-2 pieces in addition to
performing with the larger ensemble, please let me
know NOW, and I will do my best to work you in. 

The pieces that I have planned to perform with the
large group ensemble at this time are:

Coventry Carol
Worlds Fair Rose (Es ist ein Ros' entsprungen)
Riu Riu Chiu
Puer Natus in Bethlehem
While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks by Night
Quem pastores laudavere

These are subject to possible change, but only for
another few days.  If there is a piece you really,
Really, REALLY want to do, let me know and we will
discuss it.

If there are any instrumentalists out that that would
be interest in playing, please let me know as well.  I
am NOT an instrumental director, but I would like to
incorporate some instruments into the pieces we are
doing, such as percussion, strings and recorders.  If
somebody would like to step up and organize some
instrumental pieces to perform, please contact me. 

My contact information:   I
can also be reached at 913-681-5706 (evenings) or
877-818-7934 (Daytime)

I am looking forward to creating some incredible music
with you this year!  

Yours in harmony,

H.L. Brice Le Raton