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Minister of Arts and Sciences
Arts and Sciences Officer

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You Asked for it, here it is!!  All the Arts and Sciences Competitions being held at Lillies this year!  Think of what you might enter and the glory you will bring to yourself and the Pytt!!

Lady Alatheia the Harper; Minister of Arts and Sciences 


Sheep to shawl
Rose in Any medium
Largess Competition
Order Medallions
Kingdom Gifts

Crown Gifts
Tag-team Competition

Worst garb and A&S Project
Newcomers Competition

Group Champions Competition
Children's competition

finger Weaving
Beginning Inkle Weaving

Barony of three rivers BIG competition
Silk road A&S
Beer, Wine, and Mead Competition
Knife Making
Middle eastern Dance
best period encampment

Best Heraldic Display
Speed Scribe preprint Illumination
Archery Equipment

Youth Mentored Competition
clay at it's best

Entertaining Documentation

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   Sheep to Shawl, sponsored by Baroness Dejaniera.  Wool is provided.She will judge; documentation is not needed, prizes will be awarded. This will be a group project, rather than a competition, and will go through each step from wool to finished item. Entrants will pick up the wool at the Fiber Guild tent the first Saturday thru Monday, and the final project showing will be at 1:30pm on the second Saturday.

The item will then be auctioned as a Kingdom fund raiser.
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Rose in any Medium, sponsored by The Order of the Rose.  Entrants will meet at the Competitions tent, will be judged face to face by the Order, on Tuesday at 2:00pm. Documentation encouraged, prizes will be awarded.
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Largesse Competition, sponsored by the Shire of Deodar, Fina contact (,a display of the largess items will be held in the Activities tent Wednesday from 10:00am to 1:00pm. The final display and judging will be at the activities tent Friday at 11:00am.
    The Shire of Deodar is sponsoring a Largesse Competition to be held at Lilies War this year, with all entries becoming the property of their Majesties Calontir.  Prizes will be awarded in 3 categories, Kingdom Gifts, Crown Gifts, & Order Medallions.  Participants are asked to contact our competition co-coordinator to ensure there are no duplications.  (Why you ask would we do that?  Imagine Their Majesties joy at transporting home from Lilies 57 large chairs because three different groups made 19 each.  Such generosity is not unheard of in Calontir!)  We would encourage all who are interested in entering the competition to keep in mind the big three of largesse, all things should be portable, non-breakable, and non-
perishable.)  Our experience as the largesse factory of the kingdom has taught us the value of working in groups. 

largess coordinator Mistress Catherine Ann Applebee at  

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Order Medallions entries will be judged on the following criteria:

1. Appropriateness
2. Workmanship
3. Overall Quality
4. Creativity

This can be one or several of any one medallion.  The medallions
could also be made for our friends to the south as well as the west
if you so desire. (Ansteorra and Outlands)    
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Kingdom Gifts are to be given to other Kingdoms, North Shield and our Royalty.  There needs to be 19 of each item made for this category. Entries will be judged on the following criteria:

1. Appropriateness
2. Workmanship
3. Overall Quality
4. Creativity
5. Usefulness
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Crown Gifts are gifts that Their Majesties will use during their
reign, mainly in Kingdom. So this would be the competition for those that want to produce one (or more) cool item(s). Entries will be judged on the following criteria:

1. Appropriateness
2. Workmanship
3. Overall Quality
4. Creativity
5. Usefulness

Please contact Berenguerra Fineya, known as Fina, if you have any questions or would like to receive some possible suggestions of largesse items their majesties would appreciate.  Again we urge you to let us know if there is an item you are planning to make, so that we can encourage others to try their hands at something else.  (I'm having nightmares that I must explain 200 sewing kits and how this competition seemed like such a good idea at the time to Valens & Susannah)

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   Tag-team Competition, sponsored by HL Bran the Dark. Held at the Competitions tent on Thursday at 3:00pm. This will be a group project where the item will be handed-off from member to member to complete (such as a spinner to a dyer, to a weaver, etc).  Entrants will meet at the Competitions tent (the judges can then travel to camps if necessary). This will be judged face to face, documentation is encouraged, a point will be awarded for each member of the team, over two members.   There will be a dinner party later after Court for all the participants with the winners announced there!
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Worst garb you've worn or worst project entered in an A&S competition, sponsored by the MoAS's and KMoAS of Calontir.  Everyone had to start somewhere! Come have fun in this `competition lite" and share in the learning of our first mistakes.  To be held at the Tor Tuesday party on Tues night at 9:30pm, will be emcee'd, documentation encouraged on why the garb/project is so wrong (just a few sentences for the emcee to read aloud), judged by members of the OAFs.  Prizes for the worst (are you scared?).
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Newcomers Competition, sponsored by the Kingdom Chatelaine, Lady Cerridwyn. This is a competition for those artisans who have never entered an arts and sciences competition before.  Held the second Saturday at 2:00 pm in the Competitions tent. The chatelaines of Calontir will judge it. Please note the time change from 1:00 to 2:00!
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Group Champions Competition, sponsored by the KMoAS, HL Cassandra. If you're the arts and sciences champion for your group, you can compete against the other champions. One project per entrant, judged face to face, documentation strongly encouraged. Prize for the winner. Held Friday at 10:00am in the Competitions tent.
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Children's Competition, sponsored by the KMoC, HL Roselyn.  Must be 17 or under, must have done most of the work on the project, and have documentation telling where, when, and how the project was done (beginning documentation).  This will be judged. Will be held Thursday at 1:00, entrants will meet in the Competitions tent.
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Finger Weaving, sponsored by Ticta of Lock Meadhonach.  This will be held in the Competitions tent on Tues at 10:00am.  They will provide materials, however if anyone wishes to bring their own, that is OK, as part of the judging will based on colors used and why. Ticta's daughter would like to teach finger-weaving right before the competition (especially to young ones who have never done it before) Beginners  will probably enter what they started in class, to allow them more time to finish. We would like them to be a usable length upon completion. This will be a fun social gathering with a token for all participants.
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Beginning Inkle Weaving, sponsored by Godrun.  The looms, materials, etc., will be provided.  Judging will be on neatness, and  evenness.  Pick up materials at the Fiber Guild tent on Monday any time after 8:00am, judging will be on Friday at 1:00pm.  Documentation not needed. A small hand-made inkle loom will be given as a prize.
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The Barony of Three Rivers' BIG Competition
Have you built Something BIG?
Have you been part of a BIG Project?
 Are you planning to?
Then this could be the Lilies competition for YOU!

What's Something BIG?  Perhaps a pavilion!  Or a siege engine!  Or a longship!  Or a spring pole lathe! Or a fortification!  Or even a full sized replica of Notre Dame!  (Okay that last one may be
more than just BIG - But if it's a pain to pack, there's a good
chance it's Something BIG!)

What's a BIG Project?  Anything that involves the work of a bunch of people.  Perhaps a dress sewn by one person, from fabric woven by another, from thread spun by another, with embroidery done by another! Or a gazillion arming caps, or falcon tabards, or bars of soap made for the Crown by a large number of people!  (If more than 3 people were involved - it might just be a BIG Project!)

The Categories: Something BIG - Made on Site /Something BIG - Made
off Site / BIG Project - Made
on Site / BIG Project - Made off Site  - Prizes will be awarded in
these categories and for
anything else the judges decide as they view the entries

Questions?  Ask Baroness Meredydd or Conde Fernando

Please register your entries with Baroness Meredydd in the Three
Rivers Baronial Encampment (near the main battlefield) by 12 PM Friday morning.  Judging will take place over Friday
afternoon and Saturday.
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Silk Road Arts and Sciences, sponsored by Jahanara Vivana.  To be held at the Competitions Tent on Monday at 1:00pm. Description:

Entries can be in any medium and should be documented to any country or culture found along the Silk Road throughout the SCA time-period.

Prizes: Prizes will be awarded for Best Entry in each of the following categories:
     Fiber, Leather Work, Metal Work, Glass and Research.
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Beer, Wine, Mead Competition, sponsored by Alaric von Thurn ( . Anyone can enter no matter what level, each person will choose what level they wish to be judged at. This is the royal brew-off, the winner will be named `Royal Brewer' by TRM.
No kits, extracts, or partial mash, must be all-grain for beer, 
wines must be from whole fruit, no canned juices. Meads made with fruit must be whole fruit, no juices. You must enter a combination or mixture of at least two beers/ales, wines and meads. To be held at the Competitions tent, Wednesday at  3:30pm.  The
pre-entry deadline is June 1, 2003, please email Alaric to enter.
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Knife making,  Sponsored by Sir Stephen  Grimfalcon du Norfolk and his Squires Description: make a knife in any period style

Rules: any knife you made, extra points for knives made on site,
(forge and some materials will be available)

Criteria: Calontir intermediate
Time: Fri Jun 20 noon
Location: forge at Master Eadward's (across from showers)
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Middle Eastern Dance, sponsored by House Thunderstorm, contact Learbhean. Wed night, at the bardic circle on the point. Check in is at 9:00pm, contest starts at 9:30pm.  There will be a junior (under age 12) freestyle group format, novice solo performing (first time competing) and experienced solo. Anyone who has never competed is welcome in the novice group. Dancers are welcome to bring their own drummers/musicians or to let us know what they need us to drum.
    Learbhean will be contacting skilled drummers to assist with the event. Any drummers/musicians who would like to offer services for the competition should contact her ( for details.

Performances will be judged on costume and dance skill/style.  Judges will be recruited and will include those who have had experience in both costuming and middle eastern dance to provide a fair basis within the pool of judges.

Prizes baskets will be awarded for the three different divisions and it is planned that a hafla will follow. The competition and hafla is sponsored by House Thunderstorm of Calontir (yes, our own branch of Rolling Thunder!) Troupes are encouraged to perform at the hafla.. freestyle dance will be encouraged.
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The Onsite Embroidery Competition was cancelled, please delete it from the A&S schedule.
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Best Period Encampment, sponsored by the War.  Held Wed at 11:00am. Meet at the Competitions tent, judges will travel to each encampment. Verbal or written documentation encouraged.
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Best Heraldic Display, sponsored by the War. Held Monday at 11:00am. Meet at the Competitions tent, judges can travel if needed.  Verbal or written documentation encouraged.
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Speed Scribe Preprint Illumination, sponsored by the Barony of Lonely Tower, contacts HE Roise and Ly Sorcha. Second Saturday at 10:00am in the Competitions Tent. Illuminating Preprints for the current reign. Painted onsite in a limited time frame. (probably 3 hours). we will supply all materials, but you can bring your own if you want. There
will be a really great prize. (Art box with paints and brushes)
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Archery Equipment, sponsored by Baron Jon Tristam. Held Tuesday at 1:00pm in the Competitions Tent. Can be any archery equipment.
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Youth Mentored Competition, sponsored by HL Genevieve de Chambrey, held Friday at 2:00 pm in the Competitions Tent. Youths ages 10-17 must be mentored by an adult.  
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Clay at its Best Competition, sponsored by HL Genevieve de Chambrey, Held Saturday at 2:00pm in the Pottery Tent.
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Entertaining Documentation, sponsored by Mistress Lucianna della Ridolfi. Held Friday at 1:00pm in the Competitions Tent. Description:  Actual documentation written for an item entered in a competition or as a diary of production of an item.


 There are two categories
1.  Any documentation written with a sense of humor, wit, tongue in cheek; i.e., something where the info is given but it's style invites the judge to continue to read...
2.  A diary of the production of an item, written in the same manner. Judges will have the choice of giving more than one award.

 Judges:  Luci, Ead, Mikal,

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