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Greeting and Salutations from the Seneschal!

    The event season is upon us with the promise of warm weather. Rosa and I will be gone for 10 days to and annual event in West Virginia, the Black Stone Raids from the 14th to the 24th of April. I enjoyed seeing everyone at the Pytt Birthday Party, and look forward to the spring and warmer events that will be taking place.


In service,
Lord Artair DeBruis of Bristol
Squire to: Marn De La Somber Muertes
Honorary member: Barony of Black Stone Mountain
House of Silver Talon

Note from the Chronicler:

    I am writing this as this is my last month that I  will be doing the Pytt Cryer. I may have written this before but the new chronicler, Teleri was unable to do this months newsletter as se is busy adding a new Pytt member to the group. We wish her well as she brings the new member into the world! I want to thank  you for the past years as the Pytt Cryer has changed and I know that it will be in good hands in the future with Teleri. I hope to see you one and all in the near future!


In Service to the Pytt!

Ashikaga Aneko

Greetings from the Minister of Arts and Sciences 

        I was very pleased with the turn out for the Pytt Birthday Party.  At that time we are able to give Andrew his Fleur-de-Leis and Lord Bristol was able to show off the Fleur-de-Leis that he also received for the entries at Queens Prize.
        Now on to new COMPETITION. The later part of May (18-19 tentively) we will have our annual shake down for Lilies (to some just a chance to get together). It will be a camp out at Hall Co. Park. There will be a competition again for something Consumed at the evening feast. So start the search for something creative.
        Lilies is fast approaching so please let parties know "who and what" and maybe even the "when" cause. I know there is a lot of interest but many can't make it for the entire time this year. We need to know what people as far as being able to connect to the parties involved. 
        I know there are a lot of A&S projects out there and please plan to enter our own folly competition come October... Yes think about it now!
        I want to welcome our new officers and wish our outgoing many thanks for everything they did and still will do for the Pytt.


In Service,
Lady Diane of Neushol

To the Good Gentles of the Pytt of Quivira does Lady Alatheia the Harper send most joyous Greetings!

        I wanted to write to thank you good gentiles for welcoming me, the most humble of harpers, into your home! I an so grateful to all of you who took the long journey to the barony of Mag Mor to see me kneel before the crown of Calontir and receive the Golden Calon Swan! It was indeed a surprise to receive this great honor since I, like Lady Diane and Lord Istivan, had not received an AoA. I am truly grateful to all of you who came to share this moment with me! I look forward to getting to know all of you better!

In the memory and spirit of the flying harp!