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Canton Bull Pytt




ConCELTador's Folly -- A Clan War


Red Angles


       With our first year as a Canton (note the lack of the word "incipient"), we've decided to make this year's event a clan war- Bruis vs. MacGregor. Supportive Heroic Effort Estimation Prizes (SHEEP) will be issued to all attendees and awarded to the populace as prizes.  We will also encourage a wagering of SHEEP throughout the event. Participants will donate the SHEEP they earn to the clan they wish to support.

To Learn about SHEEP click HERE!

Where                   Izaak Walton League Park        Grand Island, NE

When                     October 15th to October 17th, 2004

Site                       Site Opens Friday, Oct 15th @ 6 PM
                             Site Closes Sunday, Oct 17th @ 12 PM

Fee                                          .................$5.00 ($8.00 non-members)
                              Under 16 years of age $3.00 
                              Under 10 years of age 
FREE (including non members!)

Cloth Covered Sword


Traveling Trophy Tournament
Never won a Tourney, Tourney
Best dressed Fighter tournament
Last clan standing Tournament
Non-Combat Combat archery *no authorization required*
plus other forms of melee mayhem


Tourney on the archery range

Arts and Sciences

As usual we will have and A&S competition with a variety of prizes including:

Children's activities

*Terms of War Moot*
In the late hours of the meeting, representatives of the two clans are expected to meet and discuss the terms of war. At this meeting it will be decided what the spoils of war will be. Clan members are encouraged to bring loot they are willing to risk in the name of pride.

Celtic image


Stone soup supper. to break the ice and fill our stomachs. Each person attending Friday night is encouraged to bring 1 cup of ingredient to contribute to our stone soup and enjoy the resulting creation

Feast $6.00 / person
75 seats available--Contact his Lordship Sashatec (402) 486-3389 with Questions.
For reservations contact,
Lady Althea the Harper
mka Angela Turner
150 Fletcher Terrace
Grand Island, NE 68803


                 This is a camping event with a permanent building and indoor toilets, but no showers. Site is traditionally wet.


   Take your best route to South Locust St. in Grand Island, NE. Go east on E. Bismark. When you come to the dirt road, continue traveling east. At the dead end, turn south (right).

Click here for more printable directions

Map to event



   Lord Istivan Buda
    Fredrick R. Graves
    1112 W Anna.
    Grand Island, NE 68803
    Home: (308) 382-7187


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