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Welcome to the Official Nucleus Center, of the magic spider web for the

Contact Group of 
Bull Pytt 




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Welcom image Welcome to the Contact Group Bull Pytt. We humbly welcome you unto our realm. We are part of the Barony of Mag Mor within the great Kingdom Of Calonitir.

History of the Pytt of Quivira 
Pytt History

Attention Good Gentles of the Bull Pytt.



I have just confirmed the site at the Kearney Public Library. Unfortunately the time has changed, not by much though. We will be in the meeting rooms upstairs, and of course, there will be signs.

Feb 3rd @ 3.30-5pm (when we get kicked out) post revel @ gunthers establishment Dress is Mundane

Bring your thinking cap, and anything else you wish (no weapons in the Library please) If there is anything that you wish to discuss, be sure to speak up.

As always, Have fun!

In service,


Please E-mail me



This site is still in limbo just incase you were wondering.

Awards bestowed  upon the people of the Pytt of Quivira
Chronicle of  Awards bestowed unto the Shire from the Falcon Throne
Officers and Leaderd of the Pytt of Quivira


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