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Pytt Birthday Party


Another year has passed and the group gets another year older. Please take the time and come and Celebrate with us!


March 30th 2003

12:00 to 5:30

In the meeting room @ Pletcher terrace


There will be fighting, weather allowing.

Merriment as only the Pytt knows how.

Election of Officers along with *gasp* a Meeting


This will be a potluck dinner, what you should bring will be decided by the following:


By using your mundane last name you shall bring-




From Lincoln take the 2nd exit to G.I. (highway 281).  (From Kearney take I-80 to G.I.- first exit is Hwy 281) go to Faidly St. (this is a way up-main street before the Conestoga Mall, if you pass Red Lobster on the right you've gone to far.)

Turn right on Faidley. Go to White St. (you will pass St. Francis hospital and a little park with a stone marker on the corner reading "Golden Age Village" on the right before you get to White St. Street. The order of the streets on Faidley is Webb, Custer (2 main streets), Waldo, Grace, Carey, Ruby, Darr, Boggs, then White.) Turn left on White St. to 7th St. The parking lot is to your right and the building is a five story (shorter of the 2 towers and it is a red brick building) called golden towers. We will be watching for you.