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Tentative schedule for Conquistadors Follies VII

6pm Site Opens

7pm Stone Soup Supper: Bring a cup of ingredient for each member of
your party and enjoy a soup which will embody the diversity of our

8pm Monthly Pytt Meeting: We'll discuss our monthly business, plan the
next several monthly meetings, discuss general group business, and take
care of any last minute event needs. This meeting will immediately be
followed by a meeting of the Pytt Fighters and Archers with The
Honorable Mikhail.

8am Pytt Inn Opens to serve breakfast

10am-12pm Never won a tourney Tourney: This Tourney is only Open
to Authorized Fighters who have never won a tournament before.

11 am Field Heraldry Class See Minister of A&S for details

11am Pytt Inn Opens to serve Lunch

12pm-2pm Best Dressed fighter tourney: This tourney is to honor
all the hard working fighters who make their Fighting clothes
"eye-catching" as well as functional.

1 pm Court etiquette class See Minister of A&S for

2pm A&S documentation class See Minister of A&S for

2pm-4pm Traveling Trophy Tourney: This is our annual way of
tricking at least one honorable person into returning a year later.
The TTT is designed by the current holder of the trophy this year that
Noble Spirit is The Esteemed Graf Volkmar while the specifics of the
tournament won't be revealed until the Event I will hint you should
plan on bringing an assortment of weapons.

4pm-6pm COURT This will be the first time a Crown will
attend Follies please honor HRM Joe Angus with your attendance. If you
have business with court please contact The Tall Chamberlain Ld.
Ignacious MacGregor as soon as possible so that he may add you to the
Court Schedule.

6pm-8pm Poisonous Pot Luck An A&S Competition/Feast: Either
bring a dish including an ingredient thought inedible during Period
prepared in a period manner or bring $5 per person and the Pytt Inn
will cover your food donation. Dishes will be judged based on Style,
Flavor, and Documentation (both for poisonous element and preparation

8pm Bonfire A long standing tradition consisting of
nothing more or less formal than chatting around a large fire

8pm Chain mail construction class This class will be
taught by Ld Niklas MacGregor and you should contact him for details


8am Pytt Inn Opens for Breakfast

Clean up