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Salutations from the self proclaimed S.H.E.E.P. Wrangler

    As con CELTtadors's approaches I thought I'd answer a few questions about the SHEEP economy that will be occurring during the event.

What are SHEEP?
    Support Heroic Effort Endorsement Prizes (SHEEP for short) will represent your support for the dueling clans. People will receive SHEEP throughout the event and are expected to place these SHEEP into 1 of 2 support coffers (one for clan Bruis and one for clan MacGregor). The Clan which accumulates more SHEEP will be declared the winner of the clan war.

How do I get SHEEP?
    When you pay for your site fee and sign in at TROLL you will receive 2 SHEEP and a pamphlet on the proper handling of SHEEP. This pamphlet will outline guidelines for wagering SHEEP and also detail additional sources of SHEEP. For example:

Winning a fighting tournament = 30 SHEEP
Winning the A&S competition = 21 SHEEP
Entering a project in the A&S Competition = 1 SHEEP
Signing up for a Children's Activity = 1 SHEEP

Is there anything else I can use SHEEP for?
    SHEEP are also going to be used to vote on the A&S Competition. After the A&S Competition ends each A&S contributor will be encouraged to designate which clan receives the SHEEP  they received for their entry (this is in addition to the 21 SHEEP received by the winner).

Is there a deadline to assign SHEEP?
    In order to be counted all SHEEP must be placed in a clan support coffer an hour before Court is scheduled so they can be tallied and the winner can be announced at Court.

I hope the SHEEP economy will be a fun addition to this years event and look forward to seeing many of you at our humble event.


Ld. Faradach "Farick" MacGregor